Letter from the Principal
Letter from the Artistic Director

Letter from the Principal

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the official site of the Vaganova Ballet Academy  -  the oldest educational institution of its kind in Russia and one of the most distinguished  in the world.
The ballet school of St. Petersburg is about as old as the city  itself.  The Academy  is the collective result of  centuries  of  inspiration  and dedication and talent of  many people.  But “collective” does not mean  nameless. These centuries are made of different  epochs, each having its own name – the names of professors and ballet masters who contributed to the formation and development of the beautiful  art of ballet.
The graduate of the Academy George Balanchine knew what he was talking about when he spoke of ‘peasant-like persistence’.  Through the years the St. Petersburg Ballet School  inherited the Art of Ballet as beautiful, yet  uncompromising and  severe art  still keeping its banners which announce :’ Work, work, work’.
But in exchange for  dedication  the Vaganova Ballet Academy  has given to  graduates   something which none of these people would have traded for anything:  artistic self-realization. This is the  most important  treasure and  the main stimulus to move forward and this is what we keep  helping  our students with.


Vera Alexeyevna Dorofeeva
The Principal of the Vaganova Ballet Academy

Scholastic Research:  history of enlightenment and patronage of arts, organizational issues of management in the field of choreographic education, pedagogical aspects of foreign trainees schooling in higher educational ballet establishment

Biography: Vera A. Dorefeeva  graduated from the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute named after Hertzen and has been employed in senior management positions in the culture and arts  for over 20 year. From 1987 Vera A. Dorofeeva was  Deputy Director of Leningrad Academic Choreographic School  named after A.Y.Vaganova. During her years in the office  Vera A. Dorofeeva was working on developing  the concept of reorganizing Leningrad Ballet School into the Higher Education Establishment – The Russian Ballet Academy named after Professor Vaganova and starting from 2004 she was elected Principal of the Vaganova Ballet Academy. Owing to the efforts of Vera A. Dorofeeva there was established in 1995 the Interstate Center for Choreographic Education which was later transformed into the All-Russian Center of Choreographic Education. Starting from 2004 Vera A. Dorofeeva is Co-Chairman of All-Russian Center of Choreographic Education. Vera A. Dorofeva was among the initiators of International Competition of Ballet Dancers ‘The Vaganova-Prix’ which was successfully conducted in 1988, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2003 and the annual Conference/Demonstration  for ballet teachers  ‘Preservation and Development of A.Y. Vaganova Method and Present Day Choreographic Education’ starting form 1989. An important field of activity in which Vera A. Dorofeeva was engaged was cooperation of the Vaganova Ballet Academy with Russian and international ballet  schools, including ballet schools of C.I.S. countries. Vera A. Dorofeeva led her author’s project of intense course of Russian language for foreign trainees at the Vaganova Ballet Academy with use of modern technical and pedagogical aids. During her years in the Office as Principal of the Vaganova Ballet Academy,  Vera A. Dorofeeva organized cultural exchange with ballet schools from Germany (1988, 1989), France (1989), Netherlands (1989), the USA (1990), Ireland (1991), Greece (1992), Japan (1992, 1994, 1998, 2004), Italy (1995, 2004) in which students and professors of the Academy participated. Together with the President of the Vaganova Academy, Hero of Socialist Labor, People’s Artist of the USSA Konstantin M. Sergeev and the then Principal of the Academy Leonid N. Nadirov, Vera A. Dorefeeva was organizing such meaningful events for Russian culture as Bolshoi Theater of Russia projects “Festival of Petr Tchaikovsky  (1990) and Jubilee of People’s Artist of Russia Natalia Dudinskaya (1992). Vera A. Dorofeva participated actively in the restoration and revival of the House Church of the Academy The Holy Trinity Church. Today the house Church is the spiritual center of the Vaganova Ballet Academy. In the difficult period for the whole of the country back in 1990-ies Vera A. Dorofeeva always found ways of rendering assistance to students, coaches and professors of the Ballet Academy. Vera A. Dorofeeva developed the strategic Concept of development for the Vaganova Ballet Academy for the period up to 2015, outlined the field of research work for the Academy and provided measures to ensure the Vaganova Academy status of ‘educational establishment for students of extraordinary talents”. Vera A.Dorofeeva is the author of 15 scholastic and research works including the monograph “Enlightenment and Patronage Activities during the Present-day Social and Economic Development of Russia” (published in St. Petersburg in 2004). For her contribution to preservation and development of art and culture of Russia Vera A. Dorofeeva was awarded the medal “The Veteran of Labor” in 1992,  Honored Decoration ”For Achievements in the Field of Culture”(2003), the Medal “ In Honor of 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg” (2003), the honored title ‘Veteran of Labor’ (2006), Medal "For Achievements in Preservation Russian Culture "(2006), Order of Vernadsky of II Degree (2007).



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